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The opportunities are endless at Orchardleigh. The below are just a few of the Team Building Activities

that we can offer on the estate to inspire you for your upcoming event. 


Using authentic Maori tribal members, your group will learn the intriguing history and purpose of the Haka before jumping into action learning the words, the movements and the postures of this World-renowned tribal ritual.


Your Haka master will have your group working as one tribal team and totally focused in perfecting the Ancient ritual. Women as well as Men are essential to the Haka and both will feel total empowerment. You will raise the roof with your own tribal power and add a new dimension to your team.


The final is the ‘face off’ to each other displaying the team Hakas.


The event is perfect for any agenda and will leave every team member with energised, focus and collaborative memories.


Inspired by the hit television series ‘The Great British Bake Off’ we bring the nations favourite activity of baking right to your meeting room! Well quite honestly….. Who doesn’t love a piece of cake!


We bring absolutely everything for you including your own cooking station with a mini oven, bowls, mixing spoons, ingredients, aprons, chefs, hats, recipe cards and plenty of delicious edible treats!  What can your team create without licking the spoon?


Our expert chefs are with you the whole way to give advice, guidance, tips and demonstrate techniques so all are confident that their creation will not only be delicious but also look amazing at whatever level of cooking skill you have. Will your team make that winning showstopper?


This is an event where you can leave your suits and put on your boots for a sporting day with a twist! Our motorised sporting event is sure to get your pulse racing and leave everyone with a huge smile on their face. If you’re looking for an event which provides the VaVaVoom, this event  is just for you!


This is an event which is always a crowd pleaser and is guaranteed to lift team spirits and enhance team working skills.


Activites include:

Argo Kats


Blind driving


Quad Biking


Off Road Buggy Racing


Teams must build their castles and decipher ye olde building instructions in order to assemble their trebuchet. You must experiment to get your trebuchet to launch at it’s best.


Once built you proudly display your team flag and intimidate your rivals by decreeing your superiority with some fighting talk. It’s then time to show your best throwing technique to annihilate your opponent’s castles in the battle of all battles.


Teams must make the ultimate fleet of racing cars using the materials provided. Each Kart will need racing colours, a logo and props to make  them stand out from the rest.


This is Team Building F1 at it’s best! Once made, the teams will see if their design ideas will stand up the test of being continued by the other teams! Will you lose it if your car is no longer how you want it?


At the end there is the big race! Teams line up against each other to find out who is the ultimate winner. Your Kart may look the flashiest but is it the fastest? Who’s going to win and potentially carve up the boss on the race?


This event tests skills of communication, teamwork and leadership. This is a great event on its own or we can add a rocket launch finale to end the day with a bang! We tailor the event to suit your requirements.


If you are looking for some seriously cool team building the ‘Crystal Maze’ is for sure one of the most popular.


Hosted by our energetic compare and friendly instructors, teams will compete against each other with the exhilarating team challenges. Based on the popular hit 90’s TV Game show teams will work together rotating around the different challenge zones including physical, mental, cryptic and fun!


The Crystal Maze event is a team building event that will create an outrageous competitive spirit, promote leadership, develop strengths and strengthen weaknesses.


For each zone successfully completed you will be rewarded with the valuable crystals which equate to the time in the Crystal Maze Dome. The more crystals you win mean more time in the dome for the ultimate finale.


Absolutely brilliant for small or large groups and for those who are looking for an event that is super competitive with you all against each other, at the same time, doing the same thing……  in the same room! 


Split into your teams you are given a secured chained and padlocked safe and each team member physically restrained to one another around their wrists. Once the countdown timer begins, teams must work together in pure synergy to solve the series of codes, puzzles and clues that are located in the many layers of the safe. This is a real pressure cooker situation which makes for a seriously cool atmosphere as teams race head to head to be the first to crack the safe, escape and take home the prize! 


Can your team work out the solution and increase your pace before time runs out and you end up in the estate dungeons with the other losers?


It’s time for your team to express their creative side in a jam like no other. Teams are divided up and will rotate around three exciting urban creative arts. After each group is officially street wise and ready to get down, everyone will collaborate to combine all their perfected skills into one dynamic urban performance.


This is an activity where fun and laughter is combined with absolute focus and fast paced action in order to be able to master each dance zone. With each creative zone being led by our professional instructors, everyone is able to get involved and show off their moves!


This event is definitely a crowd pleaser. It combines exhilarating fun with core company values such as team work and creativity. After each rotation, the finale combination of all three activities perfectly pieced together, will surpass all group expectations and leave everyone wanting more.


Firstly, teams come up with a catchy name for their ice cream company. Next, using the various ingredients provided combined with your professional ice cream making machine, you must come up with the ultimate flavour! This will determine whether you are headed for sweet success.


Your marketing team then set to work with the packaging and strapline for the brand. We all know brand awareness can make or break a product so teams must be as creative as possible in order to give their product as USP over the other teams.


A short presentation is then given at the end of the event. Once teams have pitched their product to the judges, an overall winner is decided!

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